Introducing the Newest Momence Museum

The vintage farm equipment on display
pays tribute to more than 150 years of Momence farming.
Plan to visit soon - Free Admission!
Open Fridays and Saturdays from 10am - 4pm.

The Earl Schoeffner Farm Museum has now reopened. Plan your visit for this weekend!


1940's farm house living room

1940's Farm House

The Museum showcases a re-creation of four rooms of the 1940's farm house where Earl grew up, including the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom.

1950's Massey-Harris tractor

1950's Massey-Harris Tractor

One of the highlights of the museum, this Model 44 - 1951 tractor was built between 1950 and 1955. It has 41.36 Drawbar H.P. and 47.04 Belt H.P. For perspective, today's consumer lawn tractors have 20-25 H.P.

Farm Tools

The Museum is loaded with displays of old farm tools, from primitive to the 1940's era. Come visit and take a look at a glimpse of farm life from days gone by.

toy tractor

Toy Tractor Collection

The Schoeffner Farm Museum contains a collection of Earl's toy tractors, as well as school projects and awards from his childhood days.

Featured Museum Pieces

Farm Wagon

Did you know that rubber tires are listed as one of the top 10 agricultural inventions? Harvey Firestone, founder of The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company and Firestone retail stores, first offered rubber, air-filled tires in 1932. Since little Earl wanted them on his toy tractor, it is quite fitting they are prominantly on display on this life size John Deere farm wagon at the Momence Farm Museum!



Sleigh in use

This Albany Sleigh, built in the 19th century, was the most expensive and sporty design available. Found in a barn in Coopersville, MI, this 140 year old sleigh is in totally original condition. The upholstery pattern, gold pinstriping, and twin decorative eagle heads may still be seen. The sleigh interior is complete with a Clark #6 charcoal footwarmer and a vintage sleigh blanket.

Featured Special Exhibit
22' x 8' Diorama by Earl Schoeffner and Bill Munyon


Heritage Day Exhibit
Glorydale Resort - Cottages and Boat rental

Glorydale room

As early as 1880, the natural resources of the Kankakee River in the Momence area were a big draw to hunters and fishermen from as far away as Danville and Chicago. It wasn’t long before their hunting and fishing trips evolved into family vacations, and many resorts were built along the river to accommodate the growing number of guests. With the coming of the railroad, Momence summer visitors increased by the thousands. By the 1920s, record-breaking crowds were heading for Momence along the newly completed Dixie Highway. On weekends cars were parked for miles along the river and the many cabins and cottages in the area flourished. Every possible reservation was taken days in advance. The best-known resorts were Bob’s Resort, Log Cabin Camp, Jacobs’ Riverview, Prairie’s Cabins and Glorydale.

On display is a re-creation of a 1920’s Glorydale cottage interior and the front desk with original furnishings from Glorydale, including a metal dresser, bookcase, radio, electric fan, dinner menu, and the original outdoor sign. Other period pieces are a metal bed, lamp, card table, and board games for a rainy day. The front desk includes a guestbook, bell, gooseneck lamp and a telephone.

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